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Colorpia International (M) Sdn Bhd was founded in 2012 and have since established itself as a professional color cosmetic contact lens manufacturer. Colorpia produces premium color contact lenses made with cast mold and implementing the patented PLUSIERUS process technology where capsulated pigments are embedded between coating layers, preventing pigments from having direct contact with the eyes.

Our main concern has always been the health and comfort of color lens wearers, as well as the quality of our products. Colorpia adheres to the highest quality standards and has obtained approval from GDPMD, GMP, FDA and the European CE Mark, ensuring a high standard of quality for all our products.

Colorpia’s unique lens designs and a wide range of color selection creates an endless possibilities for its wearers, natural to glamorous, day or night for any occasions, and satisfying even the most demanding fashionista.

Beyond just good looks, Colorpia high quality color cosmetic contact lenses provide wearers


Mode of Production

Mode of Production

In Colorpia, we offer our wearers top notch lens that are produce with SANDWICH COLORING method.


The sandwich coloring method for producing colored contact lenses involves layering a colored material between two layers of clear material, and then fusing them together. Here's a more detailed explanation of the process:

  • Creating the color layer: The first step in the process is to create the color layer that will be sandwiched between the two clear layers. This is typically done by mixing a colorant into a clear polymer material. The colorant used will depend on the desired color and opacity of the lens.
  • Coating the mold: The next step is to coat the mold used to create the lens with a thin layer of the clear material. This layer will become the outer layer of the lens.
  • Adding the color layer: The colored material is then added to the center of the mold, on top of the clear layer. The amount of colored material added will depend on the desired color and opacity of the lens.
  • Adding the second clear layer: A second layer of clear material is then added to the top of the colored layer. This layer will become the inner layer of the lens.
  • Fusing the layers: The layers are then fused together by applying heat and pressure to the mold. This causes the layers to melt and fuse together into a single lens.
  • Finishing the lens: The lens is then removed from the mold and trimmed to the desired size and shape. It may also undergo additional finishing processes, such as polishing or coating with a protective layer.

Benefits Sandwich Coloring

What are the benefits of using SANDWICH COLORING method?

The sandwich coloring method used to produce colored contact lenses offers several benefits to wearers:

  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Customizable colors
  • Safe and comfortable
  • UV protection
  • Vision correction
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